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Keith Christensen

I knew of Jim Ockuly's highly accomplished, creative multimedia work before meeting him. He'd won a number of awards and had exhibited in some high profile places locally and internationally. I met him socially through a very close, mutual friend. I co-curated an exhibition of prints as part of a project called Moving Targets that was presented in Berlin, Germany and Poznan, Poland and Jim was a substantial part of that. As a design teacher I have been on field trips to the museum where Jim worked and he gave some wonderful presentations about interactive design for my students. I know Jim as a very accessible, knowledgable and highly intelligent artist and designer. I have the highest regard for him professionally and offer my recommendation without qualification.

Andrew David
Lead Developer

Mr. Ockuly performed an excellent duty in both traditional managerial and liason roles, as well as in fostering fresh ideas and encouraging personal development in all those he led. Personally he possesses a finesse for listening and communicating unparalleled in my previous work experiences. This ability serves not only himself but those he works with to help congeal ideas and work into solid foundations to build upon. He is not afraid to take risks and is always headstrong with the goals of the institution and individuals in mind. Unquestionably I am a very privileged person for having worked with him.

Laura DeBiaso
Administrator, Exhibitions and Curatorial Affairs

Jim and I worked together for many years at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Jim is very organized and thorough. He brought a thoughtful analysis to every project we worked on. As Director of Interactive Media, he was responsible for creating and producing media projects for the MIA collection as well as those in association with MIA's exhibition schedule. Each project was well suited to the topic and successful in execution. I appreciated Jim’s strategic judgment and his 'big picture' approach. Jim was a great colleague; professional and always a pleasure to work with.

Tom DeBiaso
Professor MCAD Media Arts

I have known Jim Ockuly as a colleague when I was Dean and Chair of the Media Arts Department at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. We interacted on several educational and artistic projects and I found Jim to be intelligent, creative and visionary. Jim is very capable and highly motivated with any endeavor that he involves himself in. He is well liked and has a great personality that interacts with a broad range of individuals with ease and grace. Most recently Jim asked me to produce a video for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He was very clear, organized and I worked with a number of his staff that had great respect for his vision and leadership. I found Jim to be very facile with overseeing all of the creative and organizational aspects of the production and the result was a terrific video for the entrance of the Museum. It was a joy to work together and I would recommend Jim without reservation. If I can answer any questions about my work with Jim Ockuly please don't hesitate to contact me.


Mikka Gee Conway

I worked with Jim at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for about 15 months while I was the Assistant Director there. I found Jim to be a wonderful colleague — intelligent, forward-looking, a strategic thinker, and very personable. More so than many, Jim was active in his field outside the museum, aware of current trends and developments, and constantly challenging the institution (in a good way) to take initiative and be willing to do things differently. During the last few months of my tenure, I was Jim's supervisor, and he continued to be a good colleague and employee, able to see the big picture and the long-term goal, and willing to be part of the team that was going to help the institution get there.

Ann Kellogg
Events and Programs Coordinator

I had the privilege of working with Jim for 5+ years at the MIA, and I can say without reservation, that he is one of the most hard-working, professional individuals I've met. There wasn't a better person to approach when it came to questions relating to technology/media. His creativity and insight is unparalleled, and he brought so much of that to the museum. Jim also strikes the all-important balance of humor and professionalism, and truly made the work place more enjoyable. He's an asset and above to any organization.

Elizabeth Mullen

I have worked with Jim for over 11 years at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. During that time, Jim has not only proven that he has creative vision but the sensibility to actually bring a project to fruition. He delegates as any leader would, however he does so with a great sense of passion, fairness and logic, that makes everyone involved care as deeply as he does — a true inspiration to many.

Tamatha Perlman
MAEP Associate

I have worked with Jim for nearly 13 years as part of the Interactive Media Department at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and collaboratively as part of the MAEP. He is thoughtful, creative, and always well-spoken. He has helmed some wonderfully creative and educational projects, that integrate the newest technology and design with great scholarship. Jim is always been willing to support his staff in challenging themselves and enhancing their skills. His skills, professionalism, and experience make him a great co-worker and manager.

Diane Richard

Jim is a consummate professional. He's knowledgeable, forward-thinking, organized, collaborative, collegial, principled and ethical. As a manager, he values his team members, fosters their creativity and growth, and is protective — in the best sense — of their time and talent. There's nothing slapdash about his approach, and the results are effective, appropriate to their function, user-friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

Linda Rossi
Associate Chair and Professor Art and Art History

Aware of your strong teaching qualifications through Carleton College. Witnessed the presentation of your creative scholarship for the Digital Festival organized by John Schott. Interactions at the MIA over many years. Personal conversations about your work that demonstrate tremendous visual and conceptual creativity.

Stephen Yogi Rueff
Production Manager & World Citizen

Jim is an inquisitive, creative problem solver with a great sense of humor and desire for justice. Jim likes to question the norms and evaluate options. Jim is both respectful and passionate. Jim enjoys pushing a team to seek out all of the potential possibilities in a situation while maintaining a realistic perspective. Jim is a loving husband, father, caring of his extended family and enjoys his hounds.

William Skodje
Senior Art Preparator

I worked in a different department than Jim Ockuly and so when I interacted with him it was to collaborate on a shared project. I always felt that Jim listened to my concerns completely and quickly arrived at outstanding solutions. Personally, Jim is a great friend and coworker who made any task most enjoyable.

George Slade
Principal, re:photographica, St. Paul

Besides knowing Jim for many years, I was privileged to work with him during my time (Dec 07 - Oct 08) as an adjunct associate curator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. I was coordinating the presentation of a large traveling show that was featured in the museum's main galleries, and I worked with Jim on the multi-media aspects (an electronic kiosk and related web-based materials). He was an excellent producer — ingenious, indulgent, and supportive of a newbie's forays into new media. While attending carefully to deadlines, he always maintained a "big picture" attitude and a gregarious sensitivity to process. I look forward to working with Jim again.

Charles Walbridge
Associate Photographer, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

I've read other people's recommendations for Jim, and I'd like to add the fact that Jim is a gifted photographer and artist. I recognize the setting of a lot of his photographs, but his way of seeing is always unique and inspired.


Jim Ockuly Résumé, 2014

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